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Plastic Phobia Bamboo Cutlery Set & Canvas Pouch


Bamboo cutlery is lightweight and reusable so you can avoid ever needing disposable cutlery again!

Why bamboo cutlery?

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Can be used on the go.
  • Very strong and lasts a long time.
  • Replace disposable plastic waste.

What’s wrong with plastic cutlery?

  • Takeaways and fast food restaurants are getting through millions of disposable cutlery.
  • Disposable plastic cutlery is used once but lasts in the environment for hundreds of years. Where is the sense in that?
  • This plastic finds it’s way into the ocean by poor waste management and littering.
  • Microplastic contamination of the oceans is a serious problem because it infects so many food chains.
  • Marine life can eat that plastic, which fills their stomachs and leads to starvation.
  • It’s not too late to turn the tide on plastic! Reusable’s are the best place to start.

Benefits of bamboo cutlery

  • Bamboo grows organically, using water only.
  • Even with no pesticides, bamboo grows rapidly.
  • Because it grows so quickly, it is a very sustainable organic material.

Is bamboo cutlery biodegradable?

  • Our sets can be composted and are biodegradable. In fact, bamboo can add a lot of nutritious value back to the earth in home compost.

What is the finish on the bamboo?

  • It is soybean oil, which is derived from plants.

Is this set vegan?

  • Our cutlery set is vegan

What are the dimensions?

  • 19.5cm in length
  • Thickness is up to 0.7cm

When should I use this?

  • Perfect for picnics, travel and camping.
  • Suitable for everyday use on the go. Always have bamboo at the ready!

Plastic Phobia Bamboo Cutlery Set & Canvas Pouch