Bamboo Comb

Bamboo Comb

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Plastic Free

Lightweight fine toothed bamboo comb. Easy to take with you on the go. 100% vegan.

The bamboo used to make this comb is organically grown on a mountain in Fujian, China. Rest assured that our bamboo is ethically sourced and is grown in an area where there are no Pandas, so we don’t interfere with their lunch! Bamboo grows very quickly, making efficient use of resources like water and land. All that without using pesticides or herbicides.

We make sure that our suppliers use only ethical methods of production, and have a good working relationship with them. We do the research into our products so you don’t have to!

Minimal plastic is used in the supply chain. The factory packs the combs into small cardboard boxes that are then packed into large cardboard boxes. No bubble wrap is used to transport the combs. We ship the combs from China to the UK in bulk by sea to reduce carbon emissions.